Bosnian-English / English-Bosnian Dictionary

bus driver = pogona"s sabirnice, goni"c sabirnice
driver = pogona"s, goni"c
keyboard driver = drajver za tastaturu, pogona"s tastature
NDIS abbr. Network Driver Inteface Specification = specifikacija interfejsa za mre"zne upravlja"cke programe
TDI abbr. Transport Driver Interface = interfejs za transportne upravlja"cke programe
device driver, driver = upravlja"cki program
disk driver = upravlja"cki program diska
display driver, screen driver = upravlja"cki program za ekran
font driver = upravlja"cki program za fontove
input driver = ulazni upravlja"cki program
printer driver = upravlja"cki program za "stampa"c, upravlja"cki program tiskara
virtual device driver = upravlja"cki program virtuelnog uredjaja
driver equipment = voza"cka oprema
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