Bosnian-English / English-Bosnian Dictionary

that is my affair = to je moja stvar, to je moja briga
is = je, jeste vidiDrugi be
is not = nije vidiDrugi be
the horse is kicking = konj se rita
the engine is kicking up = motor lo"se radi
he is treated with kids glove = njemu se se sve servira/donosi na tanjiru
my shoe is killing me = "zulja me cipela, ubija me cipela
what kind of man is he = kakav je on "covjek
WYSIWYG abbr. what you see is what you get = dobije"s ono "sto vidi"s, ono "sto je prikazano na ekranu, to 'ce se i odtipkati, ono "sto vidite je ono "sto 'cete dobiti
Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Christ is born = sretan Bo"zi'c, sre'can Bo"zi'c, Hristos se rodi Vaistinu Hristos se rodi
there is no = nema
what is your name = kako se zove"s
my name is = ja se zovem, ime mi je, zovem se
what time is it = koliko je sati
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